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  Bench Top Fillers

RPS offers liquid filling systems as stand-alone manual or automated products or integrated into a larger filling and assembly machine. We work with all filling technologies, including vacuum, piston, peristaltic pump, gravity and auger, and can help you to determine the best technology for your application. We have experience with heated filling and precise volumes. For more information about integrating filling technologies into a filling and assembly machine see Monoblocks.

Below are examples of two of our stand-alone fillers.

RPS Bench-top Vacuum Filler

RPS Bench-top Vacuum Filler is a simple versatile filler ideally suited for short runs. Fully adjustable, it can handle containers of all shapes and diameters up to 3" D X 7" H.

This filler can accommodate containers made of glass, metal and rigid plastic - including those with a sprinkler finish. The simple design permits easy accessibility to all contact parts for thorough cleaning and changeover.


* Heavy-duty vacuum pump with 1/4 HP explosion-proof motor (optional - for higher viscosity product)
* One gallon overflow bottle
* Two stainless steel filling nozzles and spouts
* Plastic tubing
* Spring loaded container platforms to hold container to spouts
* Dimensions: 20" L x 10" W x 28" H

RPS Volumetric Piston Filler

RPS Volumetric Piston Filler is the perfect choice for high volume filling.It features a high precision (+ 0.2% volume deviation), non-splash, non-drip nozzle system that can deliver up to 32 ounces of product at a time and is capable of completing up to 50 cycles per minute.


* Stainless steel construction.
* 10" piston stroke with adjustable volume.
* Constructed to withstand wash down environment.
* Simple operation and maintenance.
* Fills hot and cold products.
* Power: 90 psi, 10 cfm

RPS Benchtop Tray Filler TF-50

RPS Benchtop Tray Filler is a cost effective solution for clean room filling of small to intermediate sized batches. It is simple enough to be appropriate for unsupervised repitition filling


* Speeds up to 40-50 pieces per minute depending on the material to be filled
* Two holding fixtures for syringes made of FDA approved materials
* Two nitrogen purge nozzles
* Two stailess steel product filling nozzles
* Servo controlled XYZ axis for purge and filling station
* Operator interface
* Stainless steel and Teflon wetted components
* Quick removal of wetted componenets for clean-up
* Stainless steeel sheathed top plate
* Choice of dosing pumps depending on application
* PLC controlled
* Cost effective for enhanced productivity
* Validation package available

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