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RPS Automatic Chuck Capper

TurboFil's automatic chuck capper machine is a compact workhorse for moderate to high volume capping jobs. It automatically places and tightens a variety of caps and is particularly suitable for hard to handle bottles such as soft plastics, and odd shapes. It is sophisticated, yet surprisingly clean and easy to operate.

The capper uses a 12 pocket indexing dial plate to move containers from the conveyor, through the work stations and back to the conveyor. Caps are delivered to the container using a stainless steel vibratory unscrambling bowl, linear track and placement mechanism. An electrically driven cap torquer with adjustable clutch tightens the caps to the required torque.

RPS Strong Yet Gentle

* Torque is controlled by a histeresis magnetic clutch with complete electronic adjustment of speed.
* With the TurboFil system changeovers are a snap; just replace the star wheel and guide, and replace the chuck.
* The TurboFil system is designed to handle caps and products delicately and gently, regardless of the torque setting chosen. The gentle handling of the cap and bottle eliminates marring of the finish, which is especially important for cosmetics and many other applications.


* Container types: glass or plastic bottles, jars or vials
* Electric, servo motor driven chuck with positive three-jaw pneumatic gripper for gentle handling of the cap
* Speeds up to 70 per minute
* Electronic torque adjustment
* Chuck height adjustment wheel
* Operator interface: color touch screen (optional)
* Stainless steel sheathed top tooling plate
* Toolless changeover
* Cost effective for enhanced productivity

RPS Manual Capper

TurboFil’s Pneumatic Cap Tightener is a reliable cost effective tool for capping and decapping. A tool balancer suspends the capper overhead to reduce operator fatigue. It includes a quick disconnect coupling, 12 foot coil air hose and limp hose with inlet for hookup to in-house air supply.



* Tightens caps up to 85 mm
* Torque adjustment
* Torque range from 10-97 inch.lbs
* Lever start
* Capper and Decapper in one unit
* Easy to set up, easy to use
* Quick change chuck
* Quiet operation

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