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Rormac International

Rormac International  is a Global Business Development Company. Rormac International will provide the export tools, time, resources, and structure to build significant international sales for you our clients: Small and Medium sized business and manufacturers.

Established sales networks abroad, and 20 years of experience in global business, allow us to achieve quick penetration of international markets in a cost efficient manner. Our job consists of performing all the tasks that would be performed by a typical international sales department, but with proven expertise, resources, and an understanding of the complexities of building productive international channels of distribution. Our experience is one of our main strengths, which allows us search out opportunity and strategically manage the contact with our customers (distributors, resellers, and OEMs).

When partnering with Rormac International, a manufacturer will:

Develop international sales quicker.
Have minimal out of pocket expenses.
Optimize sales in international markets.
Learn international marketing from an experienced professional. Long term plans maybe to create an Export Department)
Have multilingual professionals available.
Learn invaluable overseas competitor information and manufacturing practices.

A few examples of our Product Experience:

Pharmaceutical Raw Material and Finished Product.
Chemical Raw Material.
Finished Food Products and Food snacks.
Health and Fitness Equipment.

Rormac International functions and client benefits:

We manage products for our business clients and partners in international markets.
We manage the products as if we were an in house export sales department.
Through outsourcing you minimize your overhead allowing your company to focus on the domestic market.
Management can focus on their strengths and implement long-term strategies.
We've developed over the past twenty years a strong know-how in how to select, appoint, and manage international distributors to market products overseas.
We will attend trade shows and implement advertising programs.
We provide foreign language support and manage translation of sales material.
We are responsible for invoicing, collection and bear the responsibility for payment.
We handle shipping details, customs forms, export licensing, and all relevant export documentation.
We constantly research and appraise market conditions overseas, provide useful feedback to our business partners to incorporate in their marketing and product development plans.
We travel and meet face-to-face with the customers and assess first-hand their needs.

Please contact us if you need assistance in developing a global market for your product.

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